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A Complete Guide to Personal Protection Equipment Essential for Covid-19

Welcome to Happy Life Indeed Corporation! Keeping in mind the increasing demand for PPE products we’ve launched the new website. Amid the PPE products crisis during this pandemic COVID-19; Happy Life Indeed Corporation strives to provide certified high-quality PPE products at a low price, shipped from California, USA. Guaranteed 3 business day delivery and FREE SHIPPING within the USA for orders over $60. Large quantity products in stock, bulk orders are available from any businesses and restaurant owners.

Our mission is to be a leading supplier to help everyone and every business to be safe when the country is preparing to open up. We believe, together, we will all be happily lived ever after.

Everyone shall adapt to a new social norm by wearing masks, washing hands frequently with hand sanitizers or wearing disposable gloves, etc. Stock up your PPE supplies now to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers are the most critical essential items during this coronavirus pandemic. At Happy Life Indeed, we work directly with the manufacturers to ensure large stock of N95 anti-virus reusable and 3-layer disposable face masks are readily available at any given time. These two types of surgical masks are highly recommended by most of the health officials.

To avoid the cross-infection, reduce the spread of Coronavirus Hand Sanitizer Dispenser devices that come out of the liquid soap automatically. Suitable for home, office, hotel, shopping malls, hospitals, nursing homes etc.

In addition, their signature brand, Silken 10 oz hand sanitizer which contains 70% alcohol with aloe vera, leaves hands feeling silky, moist, and soft. It is perfect for home, office, or travel use. Silken hand sanitizers are FDA approved and made in the USA.

These are the varieties of PPE products in our online store:

  • Disposable 3-Layers Face Masks
  • N95 Anti-Virus Reusable Face Masks
  • Disposable Gloves (Food Preparation, Home & Office cleaning use)
  • 10 oz Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera 
  • Ultra Soft 3-ply Toilet Paper Rolls (Eco Friendly)
  • Disposable PVC Gloves
  • Automatic Dispenser of Hand Sanitizer Devices
Happy Life Indeed Corporation is one of the leading anti-coronavirus cleaning products suppliers in California, USA. Order now before stocks run out! Feel free to email at